Making sense of the mysteries that revolve around digital technology          

          We are an open media-lab that experiments with the future of media by creating manifestations and artistic interventions.

Upcoming Events           

3 november 2018: 1 Euro Cinema Selects,
Museumn8, Auditorium Stedelijk Museum 
4 november 2018: Bring your own Magic Mirror
w Hackers & Designers, E-Culturele Zondag,
Kapitaal Utrecht
october/november 2018: RSS Readings,
The New Newsroom, MU Artspace Eindhoven
23- 25 november 2018: Wheel of TeleFortune,
The Overkill festival: Immortality

Research Trajectory          

june/december 2018 Algo-Rhythmics,
a new musical A kindly supported by SIDN fund “Pioneer” “Responsible AI”

Recent Events           

26-27 may 2018: Lentekabinet festival
april/march 2018: The Smallest Museum,
Facade Paradiso
22 april 2018: Symposium: Concerning
the Spiritual in Art, Paradiso

Upcoming Meet-up          

Bring your own Magic Mirror (BYOMM)

1–6pm at Kapitaal, Utrecht

We will be showing off our smart mirrors!

If you have a mirror to show off, assemble, repair or improve – or you just want to look at our mirror projects pass by our open work space at Kaptiaal in Utrecht!

Nice extra: Kapitaal has a performative program + Internet Yami – Ichiand Utrecht Cultural Zondagen is taking place at the same time!

Featured Works: The Oracle          

The Haiku Generator

installation during Para*Tech*Fair at WORM

The Haiku Generator is a guru that simultaneously wakes up to speak out a Cyber Haiku on the ether. 

The guru delivers prophecies that try to make sense of things that escape us, using its mystic powers to translate nonsense into sense.

Featured Works: The Oracle          

1 Euro Cinema


The 1 Euro Cinema is a cinematic oracle curated by Telemagic. The installation randomly screens a movie if you insert a 1 euro coin.

The video works were made by over 30 artists, duration ranging from 1 to 17 minutes. Read more about the featured work.
installation during Het Weekend at de School

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