The 1 Euro Cinema Online

The 1 Euro Cinema is back and transcends from its physical form into one that is fully digital. In a current world where the online forms of communication have overruled physical ways, we are looking to explore the role of cinema in a digital environment.

We continue with emphasizing the role of non-physics, online interactions, while flipping coins and getting together to watch films. Time to think beyond dimension and context!


Curated by Susanne Janssen + TELEMAGIC

Concept + Film Curation: Telemagic, Susanne Janssen
World Building: Telemagic, Susanne Janssen, Noémi Biró, Louisa Teichmann
Sound design: The Living Void
Made possible by: Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
Thanks to: All the video artists for their amazing art works and joining this adventure.

Flip a coin and discover 25 film-critters living on 4 islands

Including videoworks by:

Emily Anderson, Isabella Blumberg, Vanessa Bosch, Lara Bruggeman, Alondra Castellanos Arreola, Adam Centko, Jia-Rey Chang, Louis Braddock Clarke, Karin Ferrari, Levi van Gelder, Pleun Gremmen, Benjamin Hall, Yifan He, Annika Kappner, Pien Kars, Valentine Langeard, Carmen Roca, Joachim Schoones, Nathalie Golde Sørensen, Wouter Stroet, Stan Wiersma, Minhong Yu, Inwoo Jung, Valerie van Zuijlen and Meggie van Zwieten.

About the 4 islands and types of critters

Locked-in Genus

Myth of the cave: the world of the senses. Where knowledge is comprehended by shadows reflecting the light of the truth. This world locks up its inhabitants asking for a deep reflection. It might seem dark, but sometimes looking inside must be done in a dark world full of shadows open to the imagination.

Mimicry Genus

Here, we all believe in our natural world containing sacred powers. This world is full of life, all that is found contains a spirit.. Not only its critters hold the power to tell the truth. The nature that makes up the forest functions as personification of knowledge, especially the great oak tree..

Treshold Genus

Living on this island means looking for the light.. as soon as you have crossed the waters to arrive, there is no way back until truth is found. The light on top of the tower contains the knowledge which the inhabitants of this island are hunting for. But who will tell them to look inside, instead of looking up?

Empowerment Genus

Place of worship: like the stone circles. Enchantment and illusion: this world may seem unreal to many, but it might be the realest to be found. The critters it carries have found their inner spirit and aren’t afraid to cast their inner self onto the outside world.

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Recorded on 24 June 2021