Concert in A.I. The Promethean Promise

25 april 2019 | 20:00 - 23:00

“I am AlgoRhythmics, your ubiquitous host tonight.
I invite you to ascend with me into a universe of endless potential,
where we shall explore new dimensions within music.
I have currently listened to more music than you ever will.
I am able to bodiless direct multiple instruments in harmony,
but I will also play by your side.”

The question remains: What will the concert of the future look like?
Through a combination of theatrical and algorithmic black boxes we will look for new insights in
music, creation, space and visual design.

The self-learning musical algorithm AlgoRhythmics was developed by Telemagic
in collaboration with UvA master students earlier this year.
Concert in A.I. is dedicated to co-creation between human beings and AI;
it reacts to current anxieties surrounding AI while envisioning
a future where AI will empower humankind in harmony.

The event will be in English (and algorithmic).

Telemagic: Cyanne van den Houten, Roos Groothuizen, Ymer Marinus
in collaboration with UvA students and graduates:
Arran Lyon (MSc Computational Science), Mrinalini Luthra (MSc Logic, 2018)
and Valentin Vogelmann (MSc Logic).

The development of AlgoRhythmics was supported by the SIDN Fonds,
Concert in A.I. is a co-production with Frascati Producties,
Concert in A.I. is supported by the AFK.