New! Concert in A.I. A Journey into the Unknown (installation version)

The possibility to create new musical genres has been a symbolic journey throughout our research. To us, AI is a portal to a future potential that has yet to be explored and accepted. A deep-learning algorithm creates its own “recognition patterns'' based on all the data it’s given. We trained & designed our own algorithm from scratch and gave it a linguistics infused vision on huge data-sets of human music. What you are hearing is a collective poem based on the data of history, no longer held captive by individual human limitations, in this sense it is set free. 

The Birth of vNine
In 2018, we began our journey, we developed vNine, an artificial neural network deep-learning algorithm that is both musician, conductor and instrument. vNine is version nine of the research to create an algorithm that could traverse the musical spectrum, it's an unexplainable sweet spot, to this day we don’t know why. It’s based on the understanding of music through the lens of language. It is ever-changing and orates through patterns played on the synthesizers present in the space. Our hypothesis was that a deep-learning algorithm would see music differently than we do and would be able to aid with a new musical understanding that the human mind would never have thought of.  Telemagic worked in collaboration with (Msc of Computational Science/Logic/Linguistics) Arran Lyon, Mrinalini Luthra and Valentin Vogelmann.

The Promethean Promise
After vNine’s release, we developed a series of concerts called The Promethean Promise. Named after Prometheus, who stole fire from Olympus to give to humanity as civilization, these concerts symbolise our sacrifice of control to the performing AI. During our decentralised concert, we give our fire to vNine, which becomes the center point of the performance. With every performed note, large circles of light around the instruments light up, translating the performance of a software-entity into something tangible.

In the installation version, vNine continiously rewrites compositions for 3 analogue synthesizers. 
Previous (July 14 - Nov 12 2023) on show in OYFO Hengelo. Soon more pictures!