WORKSHOP: Soul of the Beast: The Magic of Chance/Chaos  

WORKSHOP : SOUL OF THE BEAST | the magic of chance/chaos

A workshop looking into the magic movements of code. Use the power of chance/chaos as part of your expression!

Understand the mechanisms of systems that control our surroundings. Demystify them - to further remystify them again with your own goal!

In this workshop we work with different datasets and/or steps to multiply the possibilities of our outcomes. How to make your robot/code/synthetic creature become a poetic stream. In this hands-on workshop the base is simple code structures that ensure you an endless amount of outcomes (you will never get the same result twice).

During the session we explore how to give meaning and context to these constantly moving and reiterating works. Feel the empowerment of letting one be guided by the oracle of the machine. Learn the basics to your own arcade-machine-oracle. Get to use meaningful data inputs from buttons, sensors & whatever you want!

09:30: Doors open
10:00: Workshop starts
13:00: Workshop ends

Cybernetic Dreams is a workshop marathon focussing on interactive and generative tools, organized by HCL resident Louisa Teichmann. Over the course of a week, we will breathe life into metal and wires, flooding electricity into cybernetic pathways. Starting with a workshop on sensors and servo-motors, Dennis de Bel lays out the creature’s nervous system. Now it is already time for its first words, as a workshop on speech-to-text tools by Federico Poni and Francesco Luzzana gives the beast its voice. With the help of roboticist Edwin Dertien, the disconnected pieces of its bare existence are becoming grounded into a robust body. After its journey of creation, all that is left for the entity to come to life is a soul. Telemagic awakens the creature’s spirit by giving it the gift of choice.

Sign up for the workshops individually, or watch the entire birth of the creature by joining the whole program. Sweet cybernetic dreams!

WORKSHOP | Soul of the Beast: The Magic of Chance/Chaos with Telemagic

Saturday, October 9th
10:00 - 13:00 hours


Roodkapje - Delftseplein 39 - 3013 AA Rotterdam

Tickets at 15 euro’s available here Please note: to participate you will need to bring your laptop.

EXPERIMENT: 1 Euro Cinema ✧ Coupled Worlds ✧ Holiday Retreat

Sep 16, 2021 - Oct 2, 2021

1 Euro Cinema ✧ Coupled Worlds ✧ Holiday Retreat

EXHIBITION | 1 Euro Cinema Coupled Worlds Holiday Retreat

16 September - 2 October 2021
Open Tue - Fri 15.00 - 20.00 hours / Sat, 12:00 - 20:00 hours


Roodkapje - Delftseplein 39 - 3013 AA Rotterdam 

Longing for a hot digital summer? Don't miss this special Telemagic + all inclusive deal: a spectacular Holiday Retreat to the Coupled Worlds. 🏝

Take off your shoes.. enjoy the view of endless digital beaches on our gaming station in Roodkapje. While feeling the crispy sand between your toes.. a trip of total relaxation. Is it all a deep dream?

Flip a coin, let faith (and algorithms) decide your destination and travel to one of the 4 exclusive islands:
The Land of Empowerment … A trip of enchantment and achievements.
Threshold Land … Looking for the light?
Mimicry World… A spiritual hike through a forest full of sacred powers.
Locked-in Land … The world of the senses asking you to deeply reflect.

Let the simulated flora and fauna lead your journey over the digi organic islands. And discover the film archive curated in collaboration with Susanne Janssen.

Are you travelling all inclusive? Enjoy the special cocktail menu hosted by Burger Trut.

The 1 Euro Cinema online is a browser based game ( and a experimental living film archive.

In collaboration with Susanne Janssen + Louisa Teichmann + Noemi Biro, Telemagic translated the concept of the 1 Euro Cinema to this online environment in 2020-2021.

Concept + Film Curation: Telemagic, Susanne Janssen
World Building: Telemagic, Susanne Janssen, Noémi Biró, Louisa Teichmann
Sound design: The Living Void
Made possible by: Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
Thanks to: All the video artists for their amazing art works and joining this adventure. ♥

Safe travels.

UPDATE: The 1 Euro Cinema = Online