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1 EURO CINEMA.online = coming!

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Series 1: Coupled Worlds
curated by Susanne Janssen + Louisa Teichmann + Telemagic

Including videoworks by:

Emily Anderson, Isabella Blumberg, Vanessa Bosch, Lara Bruggeman, Alondra Castellanos, Adam Centko, Jia-Rey Chang, Louis Braddock Clarke, Karin Ferrari, Levi van Gelder, Pleun Gremmen, Benjamin Hall, Yifan He, Annika Kappner, Pien Kars, Valentine Langeard, Carmen Roca, Joachim Schoones, Nathalie Golde Sørensen, Wouter Stroet, Stan Wiersma, Minhong Yu, Inwoo Yung, Valerie van Zuijlen and Meggie van Zwieten.

Realized with the help of: Noemi Biro
Sound Design: The Living Void
Supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie


Dweller V1 @ GOGBOT 2020

The method of scrying [seeing] describes an ancient technique often used by wizards and seers. By looking into a suitable medium, one is able to find significant messages or fortunes. Today, we are on the verge of accepting the qubit into our lives, a new kind of bit that is not just 1 or 0, but can also spin in between these binaries. It is used in quantum computing and will most likely help us understand deeper aspects of nature.

Telemagic’s Dweller V1 is an installation powered by a swarm of 3 video-dwellers, engaged in a techno-scry. Imaginary beings that impersonate the calculated prophecies of the qubit. They connect you to the spirit world of their network, by endlessly zapping through virtual reinterpretations. Once they’ve found harmony in their dialogue, they synchronize into ever evolving prophetic noise. There is truth to be found in the eyes of the dweller.

OPEN-CALL: Coupled Worlds [CLOSED]