dröm by guenter råler + telemagic

Together with Irene Cassarini aka Guenter Råler, we present Dröm, an audiovisual collaborative project consisting of a live show with music, lights and real-time generated visuals.
 The work explores visually and sonically themes of loss, search, identity and transformation.

The immersive audio experience of electronic sounds, stretched textures, dreamy melodies and broken beats is materialized in real-time generated landscapes.
Inspired by current themes of togetherness vs isolation and experiences deriving from the necessity to adapt to a new reality: Dröm dives into the possibility of the re-imagination of the self and of our reality, the building of new scenarios that are explorable and malleable with total freedom.

The liminal territory between dream and reality becomes an analogy of how we experience the virtual world and the real one: space and identity become performative elements that leave us agency to dream a different reality.

With this work we aim to explore these new territories that encompass emotive themes and artistic expression, through visuals and music.

The visuals display where the sonic world manifests itself, it lives, critters around in its origin… a virtual world. Elements in the audio awaken and give direction to 3d models, lights, flora, fauna and altering life forms.
Dreamy sequences guide you to reflect on the now and envision possible futures. Flying over landscapes with slowly swaying gardens, a waxing crescent moon reflecting in the red sea, melting glaciers captured in metal... Expect a synesthetic experience.

7th of May 2022 @ Freaky Dancing Festival, get your tickets here.  All material is unreleased, so this work constitutes a première at Freaky Dancing.

For this experiment Telemagic build a system for the visuals to function as a real-time expression of the audio data.