1 Euro Cinema

The 1 Euro Cinema is a cinematic oracle curated by Telemagic. The installation randomly screens a movie if you insert a 1 euro coin.

The video works were made by over 40+ artists, duration ranging from 1 to 17 minutes. Read more about the featured work.

Anastasia Kubrak - UNREAL ESTATE

Biyi Zhu - Change

Carole Cicciu - Left Over

Chris Rijk - You Think You’re a Man

Derk Over - LOM Channel + Afterglow

Floris van Driel - Three Sixty

Heleen Mineur - YBEREAL

Jeroen Exterkate -
Fucking Humans

Jonathan Castro - Body Upload

Jordy Ringeling - Extinction

Juliette Lizotte - A Triptych Fantasy On Local Food

Kateryna Gaidamaka - Post Soviet

Kévin Bray - In Between + Untitled

Levi van Gelder - 10 SC WLTZ

Lotte Hardeman - Lacuna

Loui Meeuwissen - The Chapel

Manus Nijhoff - Like a Frog in Boiling Water

Mary Ponomareva - Luxury Survival Fair

Minhong Yu - Breathe

Nazanin Karimi - Landscape on Hold

Noviki Studio - The Soul Agent

Roos Groothuizen  - I am not sure whats gonna happen

Ruben Baart - HPRHDRSS2

Stëfan Schäfer - Body/Ritual
Steffi Luchtenberg - FlashB4

TeYosh - MTV

Thomas Birsak - Untitled

Valerie van Zuijlen - Scrolling in to the Deep